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The Power of Japanese Art in a Fish


Son, to shine, don’t dim anyone else’s light

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Contemporary Society: Diverse and Empowered


Through this painting, I’m to represent the evolving and current society that we are. Diversity and coexistence are becoming increasingly challenging. We find ourselves amidst more disagreements, diverse opinions, and growing fragility to opposing views. We have become sensitive to change, yet paradoxically, we are becoming more selfish each day.

I remain steadfast in the belief that if we stay united, we become stronger, more respectful, and tolerant. What is happening around us does not leave anyone indifferent. Hence, with this artwork, I want to convey the message of social unity, here and now.

Canvas size: 40" x 60"
Technique: Acrylic on canva, Oil pastel
This painting cannot be purchased online.

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