about me

I'm a teacher and illustrator, and I love combining the magic of education with art because I believe they are significant factors in the development of any individual.

I’m from Segovia, Spain, and I have been fortunate to travel all over the world and experience many cultures, educational systems, and different forms of artistic expression.

I studied art in high school and completed the Higher Degree in Illustration at the ‘Casa de los Picos’ School of Art and Design in Segovia. As a lover of voices and performance, I also studied film dubbing and radio broadcasting at the ‘CEV’ School of Communication, Image, and Sound in Madrid. Later, I pursued a degree in Education at the University of Valladolid at the María Zambrano Campus in Segovia. 

I lived in Seattle, Washington, where I worked as a teacher and began to develop my career as an artist. Currently, I reside in Vancouver, where I'm continuing my artistic journey in a professional capacity.

Undoubtedly, this passion comes from my mother. I grew up observing her paintings and technique, surrounded by the scent of oils, easels, and realistic landscapes, and, of course, walls adorned with color. For me, it’s challenging to do what she does, as I believe art is deeply intertwined with a person, defining their personality, character, and temperament.

I have been fortunate to be surrounded by art and great artists, wonderful teachers, and I am proud to have this drive in my professional journey and to make it more than just a 'hobby.'

When you get to know the artist, you understand their way of expressing themselves, and you comprehend why they create in that particular manner. Art is an extension of one’s personality and journey. As you explore an artist’s work, you begin to understand their language of expression and experience their voice through their work. I hope that through my work, people begin to see the joy and love I put into each painting, and, in turn, it brings joy and color into their own lives.

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